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Brandon Maclin - Daughtry, gospel producer, session drummer

In a day where your audio engineer is one of the most important decisions in production, Mark has been a Superhero and trusted friend. As a producer & musician, I’m super thankful for Mark. His expertise always brings life to our songs, no matter the style or genre! Mark is my “GO TO” engineer!

Emily Randle - Violinist with Baltimore Symphony and Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band

Mark has the unique gift of project visualization. He brings songs to life, planning and executing a well-crafted recording before all the different artists are brought together, sometimes before they’ve even met! I love how Mark always has the studio ready and sets up the perfect mics for my violin tracks, getting a lush tone no matter what style of music. He’s extremely efficient, yet never in a hurry, and most importantly he never rushes others. Mark provides wise guidance without being overbearing. Phenomenal ears, great instincts, fantastic sense of humor, and a consummate professional. Mark is the best!

Dempsey Hamilton - The Mantis, Ponytails and Cocktails, Frank Stewart, owner Mobius Records

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mark on a number of occasions with three different projects. His professionalism and patience are top notch. You couldn’t ask for a better engineer. He cares about the project he’s working on and you can really tell he is trying to make the session easy and comfortable. Rest assured, with Mark pushing faders and at the helm, your recording dreams are closer to becoming reality!

Seth Flynn - The Duskwhales, session vocalist

When I started working with Mark Reiter we were near strangers. Sure, I’d seen him play a fusion of punk/prog rock drums in his band - Daycare Swindlers - but I was a clueless kid who had no idea he was a producer, sound sculptor, and all around the most genuinely friendly and hard working guy I have ever met.  His opinions and seasoned advice are honest and always for the purpose of helping your song reach its fullest form. You will never find another producer/engineer who will let you experiment and actually run with it all while keeping you on track to create a memorable and unique sonic jam.

Frank Stewart - One & the Many

Mark knows how to use the studio as an instrument to help bring your recordings to life and goes out of his way to make sure you have what you need for every session. He’s a skilled engineer, collaborative producer, and a joy to work with on any project.

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