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Mark Reiter wears a lot of hats, primarily because humidity makes his hair look ridiculous. His hair is also reddish so, there’s that. He is a recording and mastering engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and is widely regarded as a vocalist who “should please stop singing right now” and “makes the screaming of 1000 crows sound like Jose Carreras.” He is also the VP of Manufacturing at Furnace Record Pressing, owns Mutineer Records and plays in the progressive rock band A Streak of Tigers. 

 His ADHD prevents him from enjoying fishing but he can tap his foot in time for prolonged periods. After two or three cups of strong black coffee he has been called “irritating” and “intolerable.” He enjoys recording analog and has worked with many local and national acts including mastering projects for both Beck and Buddy Rich. His mixes frequently invoke the feeling of a feudal lord surveying his lands atop a hill during a misty summer dawn. His production style is highly collaborative but he is woefully illiterate across a wide spectrum of Asian tone languages and dialects. 

Mark can “use the hell” out of a compressor and has had many experiences involving microphones. He was drawn to engineering by “all the lights and buttons” and secretly enjoys a Teutonic feeling of power and dominion when recording. He understands ProTools but established a near-legendary ability for being able to fatten snare drum tones at the DOS prompt. He will/will not accept tattoos, Star Wars figures and/or heartfelt platitudes as payment for recording services. He is anecdotally credited as being the first audio engineer to say “What the hell is wrong with this thing?” and “I know someone who can fix this.” He works at Bias Studios just outside Washington, DC, and is the steely-eyed, handsome creator of the BitCoin.

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