Bias Studios     My audio home, located in Springfield, Va. We're unmatched in terms of quality and sheer number of amazing records.

Castathetic Podcast     Every two weeks, we bring artists into Bias for a live listen at some songs and a cozy sit-down interview.

Ken Barnum     My audio partner in crime and 1/3 of the Castathetic team. Also a killer bass player.

Daycare Swindlers     I play drums in this band.

Cabin Creek     An amazing band out of Fredericksburg, Va. We made the "Goodbye Home" record together. More amazing music on its way!

The Duskwhales     A jaw-dropping act out of Northern Virginia with seriously cool arrangements and killer song writing.    

Gear and Stuff

A list of audio gear we use to make the audio sausage:

Dangerous Music 

Antelope Audio

Neumann Mics


Chandler LTD

Great River Electronics